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Default Sims 2 - Fatal Error - Windows 10
Hello to you all!

So it's been a few days and my sims 2 game refuses to work. When I load a family a fatal error message appears.

I already had this problem with the new update from Windows 10 but at the time, the solution I had find was only to update my graphic card.

But now it is different: first of all the question box at the beginning of the game who asks me if I want Custom Content to be enabled repoppes (even though it is supposed to be disabled), and when I go to the neighbourhood of Strangetown, which is where I play, the story box appears and it has nothing on it, everythning was erased.

Do you have any idea of what could be the problem? is my game corrupted? is it a memory problem? (I tried to install the 4gb patch but it just won't work no matter what I try. ) or does it have anyting to do with Windows 10?

I should precise, I do not play with the Ultimate Collection, my most recent add on is the Apartment Life.

Thankd to anyone who can share a little solution (or a shoulder to cry on is fine by me!)
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Check your antivirus program- add the location of your Sims 2 folder in the Documents folder and the game install files to the scanning exceptions. It sounds like your AV could be scanning the files needed by the game and thus preventing it from accessing the files it needs.

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