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Default [Help] Is this new laptop running too hot?
My mom just bought an Omen 17 - RX 580 gaming laptop. It's running great, but right out of the box I noticed the fans pretty much go nonstop. Right now I'm getting around 49 degrees Celsius on the gpu and 54 degrees Celsius on the cpu. While on the sims 4, I noticed the cpu temp going up over 80 dgrees Celsius. Should I be worried? This is a brand new laptop.

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Maybe the vents on the laptop are being blocked. Make sure that the laptop has adequate ventilation where the air can flows through the fans. If you're placing the laptop on a surface that is not flat and can block the vents (e.g. on a pillow, on your legs while sitting), that may be a cause for overheating.

If that's not the case, then maybe there are several unneeded applications running in the background that can be stopped. By stopping unnecessary applications from running, it can be less stressful on the CPU and/or GPU.

Those are some suggestions on what can help to reduce the heating of the laptop.

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